December 31, 2023

Looking for a Chatbase Alternative? Check out Mevo

Looking for a Chatbase Alternative? Check out Mevo

Are you looking for an alternative to Chatbase? Check out mevo, an end-to-end chatbot builder that offers both AI-powered and rule-based options, ensuring a versatile and dynamic user experience. With its competitive pricing, Mevo stands out, providing an affordable yet powerful tool for businesses and individuals. It offers a unique blend of simplicity, efficiency, and customization, making it a top choice for those seeking to enhance their digital communication strategies.

Intuitive No-Code Interface

Train your chatbot within our no-code interface.

Mevo’s standout feature is its no-code interface, making chatbot creation accessible to everyone. Unlike Chatbase, which also offers rule-based chatbots, Mevo ensures ease of use without needing technical expertise.

Rule-based and AI-powered chatbots

Create rule-based chatbot flows without code.

Mevo provides both rule-based and AI-powered chatbots. This dual approach caters to a broader spectrum of needs, from simple automated responses to complex AI-driven interactions.

Rule-based chatbots are the best for collecting feedback, making surveys, etc.

Customization and Flexibility

Customize your chatbot page or popup. There are lots of customization options in mevo and more coming.

Custom domain linking is a feature where Mevo truly shines. Users can create branded chatbot pages, embed these chatbots as popups on their landing pages, or use them as iframes. This level of customization is not commonly found in other platforms like Chatbase.

Advanced Logical Jump Feature

Add conditional jumps for questions which includes multiple options and create alternative paths in flow.

The logical jump feature in Mevo’s rule-based chatbots allows for dynamic conversation paths. It adjusts the chat flow based on user inputs, enhancing the interaction quality and relevance.

OpenAI Assistant API Integration

Link your assistant which you created on platform.opena.com and use it as chatbot.

Unique to Mevo is its support for the OpenAI assistant API. Users can integrate their existing assistants, offering a seamless transition and extended functionality.

Training and Customization

Mevo accepts a variety of training materials, including PDFs, text, and URLs. The platform also offers extensive customization options for its popup and page modes, a feature that sets it apart from many competitors.

Webhooks and Zapier Integration

Integrate your chatbot to your workflow by using our webhooks feature.

Webhook support and integration with Zapier extend Mevo’s functionality, allowing it to connect with various tools and services. This makes it a versatile choice for diverse business needs.

Pricing Plans

Mevo’s pricing structure includes free Basic and feature-rich Pro plans.

Mevo Basic Plan: This free plan is perfect for those starting out or with minimal needs. It includes one user seat, one bot, 10 responses for rule-based chatbots, and 50K tokens for AI chatbots. This plan includes basic analytics, community-level support, customization options, and email notifications.

Mevo Pro Plan: Aimed at businesses and users requiring more advanced features, the Pro Plan offers custom domain names for up to 5 chatbots, logical jumps for rule-based chatbots, 5 user seats, 1,000 responses for rule-based chatbots, and a generous 2M tokens for AI chatbots. This plan also includes unlimited bots, the absence of Mevo branding, webhooks, and more advanced features.

Both plans are designed to cater to a wide range of needs, from basic to advanced, ensuring users can select a plan that best suits their requirements.

User-Friendly Analytics

Track basic analytics for your chatbot.

Mevo’s plans come with analytics capabilities, providing insights into chatbot performance and user interactions. This data can be crucial for optimizing the chatbot experience and improving engagement.


For those seeking an alternative to Chatbase, Mevo presents itself as a comprehensive, customizable, and user-friendly chatbot solution. Its features and flexible pricing model suit various applications, from small businesses to larger enterprises.

Let’s create a free account and try mevo today.

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