December 31, 2023

Looking for an Answerly Alternative? Check Out Mevo

Looking for an Answerly Alternative? Check Out Mevo

If you’re exploring options beyond Answerly for your chatbot needs, Mevo presents a compelling choice. Unlike Answerly, which focuses on AI-based customer support chatbots, Mevo offers AI-powered and rule-based chatbot options. Mevo’s no-code interface is user-friendly, making chatbot creation accessible to anyone, regardless of technical skills.

Train your chatbot within our no-code interface.

Mevo stands out with its customization capabilities. Users can embed chatbots on websites as popups or iframes and even use custom domains. The platform’s logical jump feature provides dynamic conversation paths, adapting based on user inputs.

Customize your chatbot with lots of options.

Integration with OpenAI’s assistant API in Mevo is a significant advantage, enabling seamless usage of existing assistants. Mevo supports various training materials, including PDFs, texts, and URLs, ensuring comprehensive chatbot training.

Link your Assistant to mevo. Use your GPTs as a chatbot.

Mevo’s pricing structure includes free Basic and feature-rich Pro plans.

Mevo Basic Plan: This free plan is perfect for those starting out or with minimal needs. It includes one user seat, one bot, 10 responses for rule-based chatbots, and 50K tokens for AI chatbots. This plan includes basic analytics, community-level support, customization options, and email notifications.

Mevo Pro Plan: Aimed at businesses and users requiring more advanced features, the Pro Plan offers custom domain names for up to 5 chatbots, logical jumps for rule-based chatbots, 5 user seats, 1,000 responses for rule-based chatbots, and a generous 2M tokens for AI chatbots. This plan also includes unlimited bots, the absence of Mevo branding, webhooks, and more advanced features.

Both plans are designed to cater to a wide range of needs, from basic to advanced, ensuring users can select a plan that best suits their requirements.

In summary, Mevo offers a more diverse and customizable chatbot solution than Answerly. Its range of features and flexible pricing make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking an all-encompassing digital communication tool.

Discover Mevo’s full potential and transform your customer engagement strategy today.

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