December 31, 2023

Looking for a Google Forms alternative? Check out mevo

Looking for a Google Forms alternative? Check out mevo

Google Forms is a well-known tool for creating online forms and collecting submissions from people. Even if it has handy features, sometimes you may need a better alternative.

At this point, we suggest another helpful tool; Mevo. It has many usable features and an easy-to-use user interface for both tech-savvy and non-technical persons.

Create a chatbot within our no-code interface.

It may seem a little bit confusing when we’re suggesting a chatbot builder while you’re looking for a form builder, but give us a second. Actually, chatbots are just another form of regular forms that come with inputs, checkboxes, buttons, etc.

Also, they’re very handy and easy to use since the chat/conversation interface is one of the most loved experiences of today. We can even say that it’s enjoyable when compared with the bored forms interfaces.

You can do everything with traditional forms, and even more with chatbots.

Here is a live example chatbot which made with Mevo’s no-code interface, and linked to a custom domain name. You can create a chatbot like this in 2 or 3 minutes with zero coding knowledge.

Lots of customization options

Customize your chatbot pages without code.

You can customize the chatbot page layout, background type, background image, or background color, you can even inject your custom CSS for advanced modifications.

Or, you can use your chatbot as an openable chatbot popup on your website like a traditional chatbot at the bottom right corner. (ps: you can even change the position of this opener.)

Customize your chatbot opener popup.

Show alternative inputs to different users

Thanks to Mevo’s logical jumps feature, you can create alternative chatbot flows according to user responses in a chatbot session.

Create alternative paths in chatbot flow by using logical jumps feature.

Ask your users to “Do they like your company?”, and show different questions to your fans and different questions to your haters. 🙂

It’s so easy with Mevo’s no-code chatbot builder interface.

Connect it to your custom domain

You can connect your chatbot to your organization’s domain and create a professional impression on your audience.

Link your domain to chatbot page.

Share your chatbot as a URL like survey.yourdomain.com or feedback.yourdomain.com etc.

It’s as easy as buying a domain name online. Not harder than that.

Connect your data to your daily workflow

One of the most common use cases of Google Forms is connecting it to Zapier, and creating a pipeline that includes lots of useful tools like Discord, Airtable, etc.

Use webhooks feature and integrate mevo to your daily workflow.

You can do this with Mevo’s webhooks feature with ease.

And more

We didn’t even mention other capabilities of Mevo like AI-powered chatbots, Session History, OpenAI Assistant API support, etc.

Let’s create a free account and try Mevo today.

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