November 16, 2023

Best AI Chatbot Software for Customer Service in 2023

Best AI Chatbot Software for Customer Service in 2023

When customers reach out to you, their primary expectation is the swift and efficient resolution of their concerns. However, with expanding your customer base, assigning a service agent to every request becomes increasingly challenging. Fortunately, leading AI chatbots excel in delivering top-notch customer care while simultaneously alleviating the workload on your service team.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to the finest and the most affordable AI chatbot designed specifically for customer service; Mevo. It uses the power of AI to automate responses to customer inquiries, extracting context from text, PDF files, products, FAQs, and the chat history between customers.

Teach all frequently asked questions with answers and let your AI-chatbot handle over it.

What Constitutes an AI Chatbot for Customer Service? AI chatbots serve as automated responders to customer queries, operating through a cloud-based software platform seamlessly integrated with your customer-facing website. Mevo is intricately programmed to deliver personalized support tailored to the unique specifications of your organization.

In essence, when a customer visits your website with a concern, the chatbot feature enables them to engage with a representative instantly by inputting their request into a chat window. Despite being managed by a third-party provider, the experience seamlessly unfolds on your website.

Let your chatbot know your company services and products

You can teach your products and services with their name, price, and description. When someone comes and asks questions about any feature, your chatbot will know which plan or product includes that feature and navigate customer.

Incentive users to engage with predefined questions

By providing some predefined questions with their answers, you can incentivize your visitors to engage with your chatbot.

Get notified when someone interacts with your chatbot

All admins in your organization will receive an email notification when someone interacts with your chatbot. You can see all conversations between your chatbot and visitors by visiting the dashboard.

This feature also allows you to optimize your prompt and training information for uncovered subjects.

See conversation history, user location, session duration, and more

You can see how your chatbot responds to questions from your visitors. Session duration, message count, city, browser, operating system, and more.

Use your chatbot as a stand-alone webpage with your domain like: support.yourcompany.com

You can use your chatbot as a shareable URL, and assign it to your domain by setting CNAME settings.

You can customize background design or chatbot page layout with your own style.

BONUS: Create customer satisfaction surveys with our rule-based chatbots

You can create surveys for any purpose by using our rule-based chatbot flows. Here is an example of our custom domain feature:



As you already see, Mevo has lots of features, despite all those powerful features it’s only $19.99 monthly.

You can try all these features with our free Mevo Basic plan and then upgrade whenever you want.

Also, we have a limited-time lifetime deal on AppSumo with a 2-month refund guarantee.

For a temporary time, we have a Black Friday Deal: You can get %50 OFF for monthly and yearly plans by using the BLACKFRIDAY23 coupon code on the checkout page.

If you need any help or any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via hi@usemevo.com or our AI chatbot on usemevo.com.

Go and create your free Mevo account and start trying now!

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